Parlee Beach Self Storage

Easy Access 24 hours a day

Our Customers deserve the best that is whey we provide easy access 24 hours a day.  That comes complete with 24 hour monitored security,security cameras, individually alarmed units, bright, well-lit facility.  Each and every customer is provided with a security coded pass card.  Which enables them to have access to their storage unit al all times.


      -  Both heated and unheated storage                          -  Flexible rental terms

      -  Clean, modern and well maintained                         -  Low cost tenant insurance

      -  Payment incentives                                                   -  Fax & photo copy services

      -  Deliveries accepted for Commericial Customers   -  Trolley & Pallet Jack on-site

      -  Friendly professional staff                                       -  Conference room available

Alternatives for the Small Business in mind

  • Is your file storage making your office cluttered and unappealing to your customers?
  • Why pay a premium to have your files filed offsite, then pay an additional fee everytime you need one?
  • Are you having your Sales Representatives lose valuable time waiting for deliveries or waiting for a warehouse to open?
  • Are you having your seasonal inventory take up valuable space in your office/store?
  • Renting twice the office space to store excess office equipment and files?
  • Are you running your business from a costly office?


If you have answered yes to any and all of the above questions then there is no question.  Parlee Beach Self Storage is the answer to all your needs.  Store your files, excess inventory, office equipment, etc in our convenient, easily accessible storage facility and take advantage of claiming a rental expense next year at tax time.  And for you Salesmen/Women, we will be more than happy to take care of all your deliveries while you take full advantage of your selling time.